Product Landing Page Error & Review


  1. I am failing user story #5. I’ve been trying to resolve this issue using different methods for some time and nothing seems to work.
  2. Can anyone give my code a quick look-over and see if there are any semantic errors that I made or give some general advice for improvement?

I am a beginner so all of this would be valuable. Thank you very much!

Hi @NurturingCoder ,

It was just a minor error in your code. In order to link an element to a particular section of page, we add an id to the section which has to be linked ( say we add id mySection)
and then set the href value to be # for eg #mySection.

You just forgot to add # for the the video and newsletter sections. So in your second and third anchor tags just add “#” i.e. make it #video and #newsletter.

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Thank you so much! Always funny how you sometimes need a second set of eyes to see a glaring error.

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