Product Landing Page - example page icons disappeared

Hi - I was in the middle of doing the Product Landing Page project when I noticed that the icons adjacent to the Premium Materials, Fast Shipping, and Quality Assurance text, had disappeared from the example page, from the link they give you at the beginning of the instruction page … not sure why or how they could’ve disappeared from the example page because I don’t have the ability to edit it!

I remember from last night that as I resized the browser window, the icons would change their orientation or disappeared… I can’t quite remember, just remember the icons had some functionality…

Long story short, I’d like to get those icons showing on the example page again so I can try and emulate what they were doing…

Not sure if anyone has the answer to this, but any help would be appreciated!

Well - after 2 hours of trouble shooting I finally got it.

For whatever reason, after I deleted all my cookies… It worked!! The icons now show up on the example page again… Weird.

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