Product Landing Page FCC - Feedback

Hello there everyone, I just finished my third project and I would really appreciate any feedback!

Here is my project:
Product Landing Page

It looks pretty good.

If I want to get picky, if I go to this HTML validator, select Validate by Direct Input, and paste your code in, I see a little of little validation mistakes. The first two can be ignored because you’re on codepen, but the others point out little things.

The other thing, which is a pet peeve of mine, is over commenting, like here:

    <!-- Main Section -->
    <section id="main-section">

I think I can figure out that that is the “main section” without the comment. Comments are “dangerous” - people tend to ignore them (especially if there are a lot) and as the code changes, people don’t update the comments (meaning that they may eventually do more harm than good). I know they tell you to do lots of comments, but I think there should be as few as possible. If it will take longer than a second to figure out what something is, that’s a good reason for a comment. Most of the time you can obviate that need with better organized code and better variable names - so called self-documenting code. [/oldmanrant]

But still, it looks good. Have fun on the Technical Documentation Page.

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