Product Landing Page - Feedback & Advice

Hi folks,

I have finished my Product Landing Page and am willing to get feedback and advice on what needs to be corrected or improved, also if it looks professional or still needs improvement.

Product Landing Page

Thanks in advance.

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The call to action, your form, normally comes after the product. The other products section should have some products otherwise do something else there.

Thanks @tlc35us, I have made some changes to the page, it looks better, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

I like your styling on this one.
It’s simple, but clear and the colors look good together.
Nice work!

Getting better! The real life application of this project would be to get more info to make a purchase or to buy now. So what if you change the “call to action” to something other than subscribing and after the email input you put a pre-checked checkbox followed by a label that says “Send me your newsletter.” Or “catalog”. Well it’s beyond the scope of FCC. Up to you. I like your sense of design!

Hi @tlc35us, how about now? does it look better? would you hire me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you @kwxza, it was fun to play with flexbox, for sure it was challenging :slight_smile:

@leovago I meant something like this:

Now you can talk about your marketing skills with the recruiters and interviewers.

You can code my landing pages anytime :star_struck:

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Awesome @tlc35us! I like it, I am learning a lot here.

Thank you again for your help and inputs!