Product landing page - Feedback appreciated

I finally finished styling this page. All vanilla script. Any feedback is appreciated.

I had problems accessing the images in a separate images folder so I’ve put everything in the root folder. If anyone has advice regarding this please let me know in the comments section. The previous url for accessing images was “/images/image.jpeg”. Now its just “image.jpeg”.

I did not look at your code, but the layout is great. Really responsive and everything transitioned well. Really, I would only recommend some style changes. Fonts are bland and dont really stand out.
The color choices are great though, and everything is really easy to read so it does fit somewhat. The pictures were a little wonky with the different sizes when I zoomed in and out in responsive mode in Chrome dev, but I didnt notice it when I resized the browser, so maybe its a dev tools bug.
I definitely think the form could use some style, and I would recommend lowering the size of the footer. It seems really big, but you may have been going for that so when you click the Contact link it looks better. Overall, I think its great. I think there are businesses that would definitely pay to have that so great job!

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Wow, thanks for that encouraging feedback. I did design this as a potential portfolio item. I will put some more thought into the fonts as you suggest, I agree the form needs some style and I will have a look at the height of the footer. Maybe too much padding? Or reduce font sizes perhaps.

Padding seems to be the thing. Theres a lot of room in between the links, and imo, way too much at the copyright.

What do you fly btw? I just got a Phantom 4 Pro, but it had an IMU error straight out of the box so I am waiting on a new one. I did fly it real quick and loved it though. I see you have a picture of it. So disappointed since now its going to be another few weeks until I get it back

hehe, I don’t fly drones at all. I just like the idea of an army of drones planting trees around the world.

you can keep all your images in the images folder but you need to link them as images/image.jpg not /images/image.jpg.

You can read more about paths in here

Good job anyway.

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got it, thanks a bunch

All changes live now, thanks for all the suggestions, unfortunately the font awesome icons won’t load in my location but apparantly will with some other people. The cdn was failing to load and increasing total load time so I made it load asynchronously. Let me know if they load on your browser