Product Landing Page [feedback appreciated]

Hello there code campers,

I would really appreciate if you could give me your feedback on my Product Landing Page and how I could improve my code. :slight_smile:

This project was the one that I struggle the most, but it was also the one that I learn the most especially about the CSS box model and how to work with the Chrome DevTools.

get your order buttons lined up at the same level at the bottom of your div


the color on the text is really gray and hard to read especially against a grey background. just make them black and highlight other relevant text with a different color

ps. atari for $350??? lol

Thank you @alkapwn3d for your feedback.

I was actually looking to get the order buttons lined up and fixed! And regarding the colors, I put a lot of thought on it but thinking of changing and making it look a bit better… I am still going to do a little bit of work on this project.

Yes! I checked the prices on eBay and the Atari 2600 in decent condition was about that price!

Hi @alkapwn3d.

I was trying to do what you said: “get your order buttons lined up at the same level at the bottom of your div”

But I still could not find a solution for that yet, do you mind to elaborate and explain how would you do it and approach the problem? Thanks

The code below works but I still could not give a little bit of margin left, right and bottom

.button {
    bottom: 0;
    right: 0;
    left: 0;
    position: absolute;   

to be honest I hate using bootstrap so im not sure how to fix it. i usually build my css from scratch

try testing it out in codepen by making a single div and having a button rest at the bottom of it

I see, I will try to find a solution and fix it.