Product Landing Page Feedback - Beepers

Well I think I’m starting to learn my lessons, I’ve checked the code in Code Pen as well as W3C and I think I’m free of any obvious issues.

Originally I built a bootstrap version of this site, but then I broke it down and rebuilt it from scratch. I’m curious how people on here feel about bootstrap, while I see the benefits, it also feels super bloated to work with and customize, seems a lot cleaner just to build up a small library of flexbox/grid template you’re familiar with? I feel like I’m missing something with Bootstrap.

Any feedback appreciated, the nit-pickier the better!

P.S. - This is a site based upon a slightly obscure character from the TV Series 30 Rock, if you haven’t seen the show the content might not make a ton of sense to you.

Page looks good @LearntoCodeQuickly. Some things to revisit;

Huh, I’m not sure what happened there, I ran it through W3C earlier with no issues. Maybe something in the copy/pasting from VS. Version control problem maybe. Thanks.

I had read that line breaks shouldn’t be used except in areas where you want to intentionally signify a line break, such as an address (where I used it in the footer). This was the MDN article I had read, and why I used them in the address portion:

Is this one of those things where there’s a couple different set of perspectives?

There shouldn’t be a disconnect. The code will be the same whether it’s local or codepen. Do you see what it’s flagging?

<a href="">Start Bootstrap Theme.</div>↩

the anchor tag is not closed

Sorry, I sometimes forget that people try and be funny with things in their page so I didn’t see this as an “address”. Sure, if that what you meant then yes, that’s proper use of the <br> element.

Yeah lol, looking at it, it doesn’t look like a real address.

I see the div now, I had run W3C before publishing, I must have published the second to last version or something, I’m publishing to Git through VS and I’m still not quite up to speed on version control.

Thanks for the feedback once again!