Product Landing Page - Feedback & How To Use Background Shapes

Hello there,

I just finished my Product Landing Page and would highly appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

I have a certain question though: what would be the best practices for the background shapes? I struggled a lot with these… Should one be using SVGs? CSS-Backgounds? Images? Unfortunately I’m no designer, so I had to create these background shapes in Paint.NET and export them as PNG, which looks ugly and uses a lot of bandwidth… As this seems like the latest design trend, using such colorful shapes in Web Design, I would very much like to know how to tackle these the right way.

Also note that the page is limited to 80rem max-width, so on bigger screens it might look ugly because of the borders to the left and right. That’s because I didn’t want to expand the background images too much as they get even uglier… Best viewing the site with smaller viewport :smiley:

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Hello ,
I think your page is absolutely brilliant. Great design and coding.

About backgrounds, I don’t have to much experience, however maybe you can find something interesting on

your portfolio website is also amazing.
Keep it going!

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Thank you for the feedback, appreciate it!

Yeah, I remember Subtle Patterns from earlier projects, they have some great resources. Unfortunately it’s not what I could use in the page, the patterns are quite different.

I am on the landing page project right now and I have been looking through what other people have done, to get an idea of what I should build. I really like the effect you have with the nav bar, it looks really good. I may be “borrowing” this idea. Great job on the project.