Product Landing Page Feedback (lawncare service)

I just finished the product landing page project. I went ahead and did a lawncare company. Feeback is appreciated.

Overall, this is a very nice design.
There are a few little nits you may want to address though;

  • your logo is larger than the navbar. Either grow your navbar to encompass the logo or resize the logo so it fits in the navbar.
  • in the request a quote section, it would be nice if the ‘services requested’ section were a dropdown with options such as, ‘mowing’, mowing & hedge trimming’, ‘fertilizing’, ‘aeration’. You get the hint. Probable something you learned when you did the survey challenge that you can incorporate here to show how you’re growing.
  • the ‘Tree and Shrub Care Services’ section overlays the bottom part of the Pest Control services section.
  • The video and the text in the ‘Tree and Shrub Care’ section both extend beyond the borders of that section which isn’t visually appealing.

Again, overall this is a very nice job.

Thank you for your feedback. Your right, I should make the “services requested” a dropdown rather than text. I kept the logo larger than the nav bar because I thought that it looked interesting, but, it probably should be within the navbar. As far as the overlay/border issues, I am not having that issue on my screen, and I am pretty sure that it has something to do with screensize (which is something that I seriously have to work on perfecting).

One other thing you should try is resizing your browser window to see what happens no a smaller screen size. You want this to be responsive and right now, it isn’t.