Product Landing Page Feedback - luandy64

Hi there!

Take a look at my project on

Any and all feedback is welcome! I will note that it fails one test; the one that requires an image for the logo. I liked the font awesome icon I used, so I kept that.

I also haven’t decided if I want to come up with actual text for everything, what do you think?

Thanks for looking over this and best of luck with your own work!

Overall looks quite good. Colour scheme works, which is always good.
One thing I may suggest, although I’m not sure if it will work; Maybe consider “stretching”, for better use of the word, the header to use the full length of the page (if that makes sense). I suggest this as, at the moment it looks a little cropped on a wide screen.
This could also work for the footer as well.
Hope this helps somewhat,

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Hello Andy,

Just check your work, I liked the colour you used, so cool, happy and living! perfect.

I see you set max-width for your root container body, please don’t. It’s better to have another container inside the body and apply the max-width to it.

Note: 1024px could be 3in or 11in in different screen DPIs, so it’s better use relative units like inch(in) over pixel for advances.

One small bug is about the navigation links. They correctly point out to internal anchor, but as you try, as navigation is fixed and always on page content, so it lands on anchor when some parts are under the navigation panel.
Please check, what happens when you click product:

You may get some help of JS and place the internal anchor a little above of each section, or I suggest don’t let header comes as fixed.

I could not find any other critical issue with your work, I think it’s good work indeed. But would talk about some suggestions.

I think if you may let the header and footer fit with body , could be better.
Usually header(especially fixed ones) and footers goes wide to fit the body.

For mobile, I think the header is a little big! I suggest you go for a hamburger like menu later, or let the top navigation not fixed.

Overall good work, simple, neat and happy, so cool.

Keep going on greta work, happy programming.

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Hey @Boris1011,

You were crystal clear and I will work on those changes, thanks!

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Hi @NULL_dev,

Thanks for all of the feedback! I really thought the User Stories said to have a fixed navbar at the top, but rereading the requirements, I must be going crazy.

I will update everything and let you know when it’s ready- assuming you want to look at it again.

One last thing, for your projects, do you make up things to write into the site or do you use lorem ipsum everywhere like I did?

Go for fixed as challenge needs you this way.

I go for layout first, without any content. I set a unique bg colour for each section/container and check if they located and sized probably before I persist any data.
Next I will add elements one by one, and for each element I recheck the layout to make sure the content won’t break the layout.

What is this?! no thanks.

Keep going on great work, happy coding.