Product Landing Page - feedback needed

Hi all,

I would appreciate any feedback on my Product Landing Page project.

Still some small changes i want to do but this is the general idea of it.

Thanks in advance for your time.


I like your site a lot. I have a few style recommendations, but technically it seems very sound.

Typo: “Dreaming of a vacation? So your pet.” – So IS your pet.

Header: Try to have your header “come alive” at the bottom of the background image rather than part way down the image. I think this will be cleaner and more visually appealing.

Main Content: Use horizontally/flexed icons for your daycare, boarding, spa, and training information. Then have your video embedded below these four points.

Pricing: Use similar color schemes as the rest of your site on these 3 plans. You have a dark-colored theme throughout the site minus these three blocks (and your contact form).

Contact Us: Use the same styling (color, transparent background, etc.) for your contact form as your “Learn More” email form from the top.

Overall, this blows my landing page away! I really like how you locked the minimum screen size (How’d you accomplish this?) and made the navbar highly responsive!

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Thank you for your feedback. Some of the reccomandations where already on my to do list.

Wow. I know that’s a pretty simple reaction but it was my first thought at seeing your page. Wow. For a general idea, it’s elegant, easy on the eyes, and the colors are beautiful. I love it. Great job.

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Thank you for taking time to look over it

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It was a joy to look at :heart_eyes::grinning:

Thanks again to all for taking time to review my Product Landing Page.
Here is the latest version of this page after some little changes.

Hope you like it.

Any inspirational ideas on the color pallete for the plans section will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

That is awesome. Your website is great, simple. How did you make this such a good website ?

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If i look back at fcc curriculum in the Responsive Web Design Certification part its all in the there plus a lot of more other reading, trying, failing, trying again, reading etc :slight_smile: The only part missing in there is javascript one but its coming later.

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