Product Landing Page. Feedback please if you will

I’ve made my product landing page for a second time after restarting freecodecamp.

Hope you like it.

Any and all feedback will be accepted.


Well done,
But this is the test no pass
12. When I click the #submit element, the email is submitted to a static page (use this mock URL: that confirms the email address was entered (and that it posted successfully).

Good work. I can suggest you make desktop size items smaller. They are a little hard to focus on. And lastly, the underlines which in navbar and form elements are a little flashy. You can use light-colored or more opaque colors for those. Like ice-blue :slight_smile: Otherwise good job! :slight_smile:

I did do that or at least set the action attribute of the form to the given link. I wonder why it isn’t working.

I updated the underline box-shadows that you said were flashy to an icy-like blue.

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