Product Landing Page Feedback (Rad Dragon Dojo)

Hello Fellow Campers,

It took a while, but I finally finished my Product Landing Page project. Appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have on it.


( Only 1 more project to go!! :grin: )

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Good job! I love Taekwondo BTW. Here are few things I would change.

  1. Your images are broken. Try using sources to host your images. I would google this.
  2. Change the color of social icons when mouse hovers on them.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks @shimphillip! Good suggestion about the social icons… I’ll do that.

I shared the images from my Dropbox account, which I had read about elsewhere on the forum. It works fine when I tested it from incognito mode on my phone and PC. Not sure why it would work like that but not for you. I’ll have to look into it more and possibly host them from my web server instead.

Okay, I’ve moved the images to my web server. Hopefully that fixes that.

Wow! Looks really great. Way better than mine even though i’m not done. Can I ask how long you’ve been doing this?

Thanks a lot @Rhine227. I’ve been dabbling in web development here and there for many years, probably since 2001, though not much professionally. I started on Free Code Camp about a year ago to try to get up to speed. It’s been slow going, but I’ve really been enjoying it.

All of this is just opinion.
I suggest increasing the font for “Take Your Workout to the Next Level” to make it more prominent.
Add space inbetween the items in the benefits section. The background photo looks a little fuzzy on a 24 inch wide screen monitor and the dark shades are not that dark. Make the email field and the button the same width. Other than that well done.

Okay, I changed the color of the social icons on hover, increased the contrast and quality of the background image, increased the font size of the “Take Your Workout to the Next Level” heading, and increased the spacing between the items in the benefits section.

Thanks a lot, @brandon_wallace and @shimphillip, for the great suggestions.

Not only do I think you did a good job on the landing page exercise, but I really like the name of the fake company. You should buy the domain to sell to someone who wants to take that name.

… I noticed your ul tag isn’t closed. Code still seems to work, though.

Thanks @Audracity! Good catch on the missing ul tag. I just fixed that. I admittedly spent way too long coming up with the name and the logo, but I’m glad you liked it :sweat_smile:

Good work, looks really sharp. I think that a collapsible navigation for mobile would be a nice final touch.

Thanks a lot @ChrisCline1138. Yeah I agree a collapsible menu would be nice. I haven’t done that without Bootstrap yet; I’ll have to look into it.

here is two:

My personal favorite:

Thanks again @ChrisCline1138! These look great. I’ve started on the Technical Documentation project, which I think could also really use a collapsible menu, so I’ll probably implement it on both.

@monksy, regarding a collapsible menu. Since we’ve learned a little flexbox in these lessons you could use that to make your collapsible menu.

Wes Bos has some free courses. One called ‘What the Flexbox’ is very informative and has quick tutorials that only take a few minutes to go through and one even has a collapsible menu that you may like.

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I’ve heard of Wes’ courses before and that they’re really good. I’ll definitely have to try that. Thanks for the recommendation @Roma.

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thanks for that link

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