Product Landing Page Feedback - still failing 1 test 😢

Morning everyone!

I’d love some feedback on my product landing page. It’s close to what I want it to be, but it still feels a little off stylistically.

Also, for some reason, I’m failing the test cases for the nav bar directing the page to the anchor links. I’d appreciate it if anyone could take a look at that and give me some feedback on what I’m doing wrong there.

Thanks! :pray::vulcan_salute:

In the test results says that the .nav-link elements need to have an href attribute. So I think you need to apply the nav-link class to the <a> tag instead of to the <li> elements.

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That worked! Thank you so much, I’ve been stumped with that since last night.

Hey hrymel. Just been working on this project myself. Now i like your page a lot. On the spot though i noticed 3 things that you should change. 1st the email input doesnt require an email format. 2nd the nav bar lings when i set the screen smaller went all over the place and the 3rd is the inputs get tiny boxes in small screen.

I like the design. But the page is not responsive and even in laptop screen one of the video is going out of the view port. No one likes horizontal scrollbar. I think decreasing the width of the iframes should be good and use media queries to pile them upon each other in small screen. Header and input boxes should be fixed too for small screens. My advice would be to use CSS grid layout for responsive design. I tried that myself in tribute page. Grid is great to work with. You will definitely like that.
By the way I am not that experienced, also been working on this project. So I might be wrong about something, just consider the points I made. Happy programming. Thank you.