Product Landing Page Feedback + Stuck on one tast

Hey everyone, iv finished my product landing page and would like to have the utmost critical constructive criticism from anyone that has more experience then me. + There seems to be a problem with the submit task section, or im totally misunderstood what it wants. I wrote the email submit website in the action attribute in the submit input tag but it doesnt seem to want to work. Any ideas ? i would like to hand it in today and move on with the freecodecamp curriculum.
Thanks to everyone in advance, and have an amazing fudging day.

Edit: totally forgot to paste in the link xD !, here you go ,

I am quite new too so I can’t offer expert feedback but there are things that can be improved.

The project seems incomplete. I ran the test on the page and only 5 of them passed. That could be why you can’t submit.

make sure you have the product landing page selected, i just retested it says 15/16.
and what i ment with submit was the input tag with the attribute type as submit.

oops… my bad. didn’t change that.

For the submit, it’s easy. Just add the action link to the form element not the submit input. Remove the action attribute from the input.

For the pricing boxes, it would be better if you place them side by side.

The <input> tag takes a ‘formaction’ attribute, not an ‘action’ attribute. ‘action’ is an attribute of the <form> tag.

I fixed the problems I saw (removed ‘action’ attribute from <input> tag, added ‘action’ attribute to <form> tag, added a ‘name’ attribute to the ‘#email’ element (as per error message)) and it still showed 15/16 passing.

Then I hit the codepen ‘fork’ button and it resulted in 16/16 passing.

Also, innovate has two 'n’s :wink:

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I got mixed up then with the input type submit and its ‘formaction’ attribute with the forms ‘action’ attribute.
Thanks so much, it worked ! yea about the innovation XD, misstype.

for the most part its pretty good.

would you consider on the header title adding a second line from this

Innovating, prospering and initiating from day one, join the team today !

to this

Innovating, prospering and initiating from day one.

join the team today!

and instead write

<div id=" title" >
<h1>Innovating, prospering and initiating from day one</h1> 
<h2>join the team today!</h2>

#title {
text-align: center;

Thanks for the feedback, its been done. :slight_smile: looks better also.

Any recommendations for the pricing part? seems very dull, doesnt seem actually, it is.

yes it does! well overall your page could use more color to emphasize importance and things such as prices and what not.

if you need help choosing color templates you can check out this page. itll make color palates that go accordingly.


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Thank you for the link, it will really help me out because the main reason i didn’t add colors was the matter of the fact that i didn’t really wanna mess it up with ill-corresponding colors and wanted to really understand the whole color theory part. You really helped me out, thanks!

you’re welcome! and i completely understand… hopefully this makes it easier

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