Product Landing Page - feedback welcomed!

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some feedback on my product landing page:

A lot of the inspiration (and text) for my project actually came from here: I really liked the design, and I was too lazy to insert my own descriptions as you can see with all the lorem ipsums and the descriptions taken from the unbounce page lol. The main product is pretty generic, but it was mostly for ML/AI/Some kind of subscription product.

Please let me know what you think about my page for both the desktop and mobile view!


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Hi Mr Banh,

first and foremost, kudos to you for the effort to get started on a project. One step ahead from utilizing what you’ve learnt. :slight_smile:

The general layout looks clear cut and I don’t really have anything to say.

But personally, I find the purple to be a bit too striking for the feel of the page and may not complement the background wallpaper. It gives off a less sleek feel as a result. I suggest try playing with dark shader shades of colour. Am not commenting too much cos I believe this is just the very start and you’ll probably change up more. But the purple font is definitely one thing that sticks out immediately for me.

Hope it helps. Cheers

Nice site but a few tips:
1 Maybe change your fonts to a smaller type when I size it down the letters stay very big. This isn’t to pleasant on a mobile.Specially with the price tags
2 add an arrow to guide our something else your ussers to bellow most people going on the site will not automaticly scroll down.
3 maybe add some white space © 2019 Generic AI, Inc., All rights reserved. is so close to the last image now

Thank you! Yea, looking at it now, the colors really doesn’t complement the background wallpaper.

What I initially tried to do was to have a lighter shade of color for my fonts at the top of the page and, as you scroll down, you’ll see a darker shade of color. Just like my icon at the top left, the icon has a light-to-dark from top to down, so I was going for something like that as you scroll down the page.

I know you suggested a darker shade of color, but do you think it would work if I change the background wallpaper to something that matches the fonts/colors?

Good tips! Thank you. I plan on working on these points later today.

I suggest giving to check out complementary colours for your font/colors. Then you can tie a visual to your colour palette for your website.