Product Landing Page - Feedback! :)

Hi again, I just finished another project. Here’s my landing page:

What do you guys think? I will be happy to receive any feedback! Thanks.

Great project,
nice design and responsiveness. In my opinion there is to big padding top/bottom between sections after I’ll lower width to about 320px. How much time you needed to complete this project?

Thanks @MarekMac ! I’ll have a better look at the paddings later on.
It took me 2-3 days working a few hours per day. I thought I would finish this project in less time but I struggled with CSS Grid at some point, so I had to redo the most of the code.

This looks fantastic, your buttons look great! main content is nicely spaced.
One of your images next to the text ‘A personal trainer looking at you.’ isn’t working, once that done your all good.
Happy Coding!

Thanks @MattyGlen123 ! The image works fine here… :thinking: