Product Landing page: feedback

Hi everyone!

I have just completed my product landing page project. Any feedback is appreciated.

@sundhar Awesome page! I am buying the Infinity Stones. $249.99 is quite a bargin for so much power. :rofl:

Here is how you can improve the page (my opinion only):

  • push all the “Add to Cart” buttons to the bottom of the tile.
  • The links are coming out of the navbar (too much padding).
  • mobile view needs some work. I took a screenshot. The video goes off the screen and the links in the navbar could be converted into a hamburger menu or stack them vertically.
  • I think a dark background would fit the Avenger’s Store nicely (just opinion).
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Hi @brandon_wallace,

I am glad that you love my products :wink: and thanks for the feedback. I made some changes after your feedback. Implementing the navbar was a tough one for me, but your suggestion of using a hamburger menu made me go in the right direction. Thanks again!