Product Landing-page feedback

Hello everyone, here is my Product Landing page: and the link to source code: I would love to get your feedback and recommendations. Thanks.

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Please include unminified css in your project repo for us humans to read, thanks. So , you learned javascript before starting this project? It doesn’t look like beginner js.

I actually used sass, that’s why there is minified css file, and for the javascript yes I’ve learned basics of javascript. The code does two things, it displays and hides mobile menu and two shrinks the nav bar on scroll, both of which I googled on how to accomplish them.

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@Cyph09 Pretty page.
When I scroll down to the white background area the menu items have a green background. I think this could be handled in a better way.

Thanks! any suggestions…?

@Cyph09 Yes. Have the scrollbar slide upwards and disappear once you start scrolling downwards. Have the scrollbar come back once the person scrolls all the way to the top.

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@Cyph09 here is a slick way to change the navigation bar on scroll. (Youtube video).

Thanks again @brandon_wallace