Product_Landing_Page Feedback

I just finished the product landing page project and was looking for feedback. Its here I am not really good at finding color schemes, so its not as colorful as I’d want it. But I really wanted to get the hang of using flexbox to.

I took inspiration from the actual landing page for this product here:


I think it is pretty cool. I like it. You did great job. Keep it up… :+1:


I think it looks great as well. The pink/purple only color looks fine as highlights to me.

It seems to transition into mobile perfectly as well.

I would suggest to add some rollover effect for the header nave buttons. Maybe change the the pink color text or underline them like the other text in the body?

Also the footer needs updating :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job though, congrats!

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Nice job. The colors also not bad. When I am a same situations like you, I always go back to the w3Schools for idea. Or often I choose any color from the used images… As you did and you choosed a pink color underline… The design is more harder than to make code… for me…
You must to rethink the footer as pjonp suggested too.


Looking good; you can adjust the letter-spacing, adjust the top and bottom padding for “see it in action” section - for more aesthetic balance.