Product Landing Page- Feedback

Just another beginner here who’s trying to learn. Here’s something I built for the Responsive Web Design Certification.

Your feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:

I really like it. Simple and cool.

IMHO, you can make this blue color #35A7FF on bottom to a slightly darker.

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This is really nice. Simple and sleek!

I am getting the submit button showing up on top of the Get Started text, and on top of some of the footer. Other than that, well done!

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Yes sure. Thank you!

I wrote the code in an external editor but when I pasted it in codepen, I am getting that issue. Can you tell me how can I fix it please? I tried to do on codepen, but it wasn’t working.

It looks like you’ve worked on it since I last saw it. The submit button doesn’t overlap into the footer anymore, but it is completely covering “Get Started”.
I notice you’re using position:relative; a lot in your code. I think this change to your css should help.

.container-4 h2 {
    position: absolute;
    top: -60px;

I hope this helps!

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Your page looks good @tourist. Some thing to revisit;

  • check that use user has entered a valid email addr when clicking the submit button. Throw an error if not.
    • You learned how to do this when you created the survey form.
  • click on “Analyze” in the CSS section.
    • you have a duplicate property that you should be aware of.
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