Product Landing Page finished - any feedback?

I just finished this Product Landing Page project. I just wanted to share it in case anyone would like to offer any feedback:

Hi @lepros !

Congrats on finishing the third project.

Just a couple of things.

For me, the text is harder to read for the nav links when the device is under 800 pixels.
Maybe you can play around with a larger font size and different font color.

I think you should add the cursor pointer to the submit button.

Hope that helps!

I lightened the background of the navbar and changed the text size. Is that better now?

Question: What do you mean by “add the cursor pointer to the submit button?”

Thanks :slight_smile:

#submit {
  cursor: pointer;

When your mouse hovers over the submit button you will see the cursor change.

You can read more about it in the docs.

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Thank you. I made the change to the cursor and bookmarked that page :slight_smile:

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