Product landing page finisher

I’m almost done with my product landing page and just have a couple small issues.

I have my nav bar set so that it takes you to each section within the page but it’s still not passing the product landing page test. Can anyone identify why?

is there a way to bring the logos closer tighter without using margin because the margin css styling is creating unwanted space between the “Dealers” Header and the contact section?

one last thing, im having trouble finding out online how to incorporate a media query into my page. I though embedding the video would fulfill that test.

Thank you!

If anyone has general tips to make my pages look nicer with certain css styles any help would be really great.

Your .nav-link elements don’t have href attributes. You put a elements inside of them.

A video isn’t a media query.
Media Queries:

ok, i understand. but now im trying to think of what i need to use a media query for. I’m not sure how to incorporate considering how the layout of my page is almost finished

Check out how it looks on both very small and very large monitors.