I need help figuring out why my nav links will not take me to the section I have referenced. Here’s the link:


Its either a problem with my view, or I may be unable to understand. But from what I see you have no other sections to link at all.

What do you think it is supposed to do when you click the buttons?

try creating 3 <div> elements <div id='#Tech'>, <div id='#Shop'>, <div id='#Contact'> give them some big width: and height: in the CSS file, and then try out nav links. They seem to be working fine for me.

BTW: adding id='Contact Us' its not safe for manipulating the tag after, by using the id selector.

This is what I have is there something I’m missing? I am new to programming and I don’t understand how to get it to link to another section. Appreciate the help and thanks again!

I have exemplified here my previous explanation. You have no sections to link. The links work, but nothing happens when you click them because there is nowhere to go… Your nav-links should guide to other sections of the page, but when the links are the only things you have in the page they cannot lead you to anything. Its like building a door in the middle of the desert and expecting it to lead you somewhere else.

My questions still stands, because it seems to me that you were expecting something. What are your links supposed to do when you click them?

I understand now. Thanks! Sorry for not answering the question. I am doing a project on freecodecamp to be able to pass the test. I was making a generic page to link to. So I just need a fake link I suppose.