Product Landing Page Help

Do I need to literally make up my own product for this, or can I make a landing page for a product that already exists? I’m so worried about doing all this work and my project get flagged for academic dishonesty… Additionally, what about the tribute page? I wanted to do mine on Rengoku from Demon Slayer, but now I’m worried about the academic honesty policy.

You can pick any product you like so long as the code you are using is your own.
(the html and css should be written by you)

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The academic honesty policy is about copying other people’s code.

As for copyright or trademark infringements, as long as it is for educational purposes it really shouldn’t be an issue. The projects are very limited in exposure as long as they are made and submitted in the freeCodeCamp editor. If you add them to something like Codepen it might be more likely to get takedown notices although still very very unlikely in my experience.

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