Product Landing Page hold up

Good afternoon fellow campers. I’m mostly done with my Product Landing page though I’m struggling with a few things.

I have a few questions, though what is primarily vexing me is creating a backdrop for the rest of the page. It should be very simple but this part of the code isn’t working.

#main {
  padding: 15px;
  margin: 15px;
  background-color: #c7bb9f;

Also, the script is saying that I’m failing to keep the navbar at the top of the viewport . And I can only get my embedded video to be responsive when wrapped in the iframe tag, otherwise it disappears or is really small and not responsive.

I’d appreciate any tips and guidance, thank you!

We’ll need a link to your project in order to be able to answer your questions.

If you can’t add links yet then give us the domain and path to the project separately.

ope! forgot about that thank you just added now!

I’m not seeing a background-color applied to main. I added one and it worked like it should. Maybe I am not understanding your question correctly?

Keeping the menu at the top of the view port means that as you scroll vertically the menu should stay in the same spot (i.e. you can always see it).

There is nothing wrong with using an iframe for the video. It seems to be perfectly responsive. Was there a particular concern you had with this?

I’m going to retry the first two again. For the video, the script is just not counting it as a test done correctly since the video itself isn’t in a video tag, even though there is one right outside it :c It is very frustrating since it took me a while to get the video to be responsive. Thank you for your feedback. I think I just need to rest and look at it with a fresh set of eyes.