Product Landing Page, I cannot find the last story


I am almost finished with the Product landing Page Survey, there is one point left that I cannot find in the user story. Moreover I am having an other issue, when I click on the second section “get the look” it is not aligning the text from the beginning, but from the bullet lists and this is annoying. I would appreciate your help.

click on the number of passed user stories to see the failed tests and and an useful error message

where can I find the number of passed user stories?

when you run the tests it says how many tests you pass, click on that

cool, I have found it, thanks.

for this you will need to use some padding or margin to have the text start below the navbar

I also suggest you post all your projects in #project-feedback to get useful reviews on how to get better

Thank you this is a great idea, I have the feeling I need more feedbacks to learn better.

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