Product Landing Page - I'd love Feedback about my design

I would love feedback for my product landing page.

I wanted to implement the video needed for the project as background for the hero section, instead of the traditional video embed. Unfortunately, I ran into issues with finding an asset from the web, that was compatible with the HTML5 video tag. I ended up using a local file, and I uploaded my page to a free hosting site called (an Awesome resource I got from Codecademy). I used surge because I was unsure how to use assets on Codepen.

I’d love all of your feedback on my page.



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Pretty neat, Good job!

I can’t type anything into the input boxes though.

OOPS. I forgot to add the color attribute to the input element. Good Catch. Thanks!

Very nice clean design, try adding a smooth scroll when you click the navigation so it won’t instantly jumped to the section :slight_smile:

Nice work. Some extra work needed.

  1. Horizontal scrollbar at the 650px wide screen.

  2. Too much space at the header after the button.

  3. Add some paddings here.

  4. Would be better to add an image here instead flat color.

  5. Your mobile menu looks good. But it would be better to add some JS here. When I click on an item of the menu I go to the section but I don’t need to see the items of the menu. Click —> Go to the section --> Hide menu. And don’t forget to add an opportunity to close the menu if you’ll be write JS.

  6. About your HTML code. Try to follow one comment style: if you’ve started to write comments then write them through all code. Comments in HTML good for proggrammers who will be working with your code and for you to understand what is going on here over time. And don’t forget: if you understand it now - you may don’t understand it after a month, a year.

It is just my suggestions for your project. You did a great work.


Nicely crafted. Would be better if the scrolling had some effects.

I appreciate the feedback, especially with the code and comments, I will refactor my code at a later time to make it more readable.