Product Landing Page "InBalance"

Hi all, this is my first post (I’m a bit shy on the internet).
Here is the page I created:

what do you think?

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It passes all the tests, that’s good :slight_smile:

Before you submit a project for review, click on the little triangle in the HTML and CSS sections and click Analyze. This will show you if you have any errors in your code. You have multiple .navlink {} styles.

You have a bunch of media queries. Have a search for common breaking points and use those. Having this many media queries is less scalable to big projects.

When I click on a link, that section appears at the top of the screen, behind the navbar. See if you can find a solution to that. I faced the same issue and found an answer to it (see my pen as a last resort

Well done with the mobile menu :slight_smile: I had issues doing that in just CSS so I ended up using JS for it.

This is lovely, @kipoph! I like the sticky header (I’ve never made a sticky header before! I tried, but it didn’t work). I love the theme and the style of the link to the Facebook page. Awesome!:slightly_smiling_face::wink: