Product Landing Page-INDIA

Do check my product landing page by clicking here

@MaheshPawar97 This looks pretty good. :slight_smile:
However, if I had to give some honest feedback about how you could do a few things differently, read on…

  • I really like the header image and the typography in there however the “I” in the word INDIA seems to blend in with the background and this might make it hard for some people to read.

  • You could try and align the “View details” buttons under “Beautiful Places” so that they align in a straight line. ( right now the button for “India Gate” is offset a little to the top. )

  • At a few places ( Image captions, the text right under the video box, etc) the text does not have ample spacing/margins around it, this makes some of it appear right next to the objects ( like under the images for “Beautiful Pages”). You could try and use line breaks or something to make it more visually coherent.

All in all, you seem to have done a great job and keep it up. :slight_smile:

Really nice layout, I have to say, it’s extremely appealing!

Hmm… this looks more like a portfolio than a product page. You did a great job on everything, but you should show the price for the trips. When I click the show details button, It is a dead link and won’t show me any details.

Yup Thanks for feedback.

Looks good! slightly bigger text couldn’t hurt (I’m old)