Product Landing Page. Is this spaghetti code?

Any feedback is much appreciated. Cheers.

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I’d guess it being spaghetti code would depend on what Chris was cooking… Yeah, bad dad joke.

So at first glance, I wanted to say no. And it isn’t, really. But I do have to suggest you consider your divs. You are wrapping an h1 tag in a div. The h1, by its nature, is a block-level element. You’re putting a box in a box.

Same with ul tags – they’re block elements in the DOM (I mean, they display as a container in and of themselves.

I see WHY you’re doing so, you like having divs that make the grid thing happen – but having a div that wraps a single block-level element is much like having a bulleted list with a single member. At that point, why make it a list?

My only real suggestion is that you look through your code, see which divs contain a single element, and is that element displayed as a block already? In that case, ditch the div.

All that said, the display itself is slick, and clean. I like it.

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I like your website especially color scheme and content presentation. Its amazing!

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Thank you both for your feedback.

@snowmonkey My understanding of block vs inline elements was not great before reading your post. Now, thanks to you, I’ve done some reading and I think I get it. I also know about the DOM now. I went through my pen and tidied things up a bit and it looks much better. Thanks for taking the time to look through my code.

Edit: dad jokes are never bad :smile: