Product Landing Page issue with the code and preview

I am currently working through the Product landing page and I have an issue with the preview

I am in the process of writing Pricing section and it does not show in the preview.

I have even tried to put random letters after previous section and still nothing shows up and I am a bit lost, not sure if it is an issue with the browser or my code

If the Pricing section of your Product landing page is not showing up in the preview, there are a few potential reasons and troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  1. Check your HTML structure: Ensure that the Pricing section is properly nested within the appropriate HTML elements, such as <div> or <section>, and that it is not accidentally placed outside of the main content area.
  2. Verify the CSS display property: Check if you have applied the appropriate CSS properties to the Pricing section and its elements, such as display: block or display: flex, depending on your layout requirements. Incorrect display properties can cause elements to be hidden or not properly positioned.
  3. Review any CSS visibility or opacity settings: Double-check if you have applied CSS properties like visibility: hidden or opacity: 0 to the Pricing section or its parent elements. These settings can hide the content from the preview.
  4. Inspect the browser console for errors: Open the browser’s developer tools and go to the console tab. Check if there are any JavaScript or CSS errors related to the Pricing section or its associated code. Resolve any errors that might be preventing the section from rendering properly.
  5. Clear browser cache: It’s possible that the preview is not reflecting the latest changes due to cached files. Try clearing your browser’s cache and reload the page to ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date version of your code.
  6. Test in different browsers: If the issue persists, try opening your landing page in different browsers to see if the problem is specific to a particular browser. This can help identify if it’s a browser compatibility issue.

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Without seeing the code its difficult to help.

You can comment out parts of your code to examine areas that may be causing unexpected behaviour, and use a border to better see where one element starts and another ends.

Making a small dummy site that has only relevant code to show the problem can help others see what isn’t working.
(most of the time you will find the answer while making it.)

If you want to show part of your code in the forum you can use a back tic ` before and after a code line or three back tics ``` before and after a code block.
If you cant find a back tic use ALT + 096 to display one.

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