Product Landing Page - Last Three Tests

So far, I’ve gotten 13 out of the 16 tests correct. However, I am having some major trouble with three things.

  1. I can’t find a place where I can create my own logo without having to buy it, cuz copyright. When I do have to purchase the logo, its too expensive, and I would like to be able to create my own without having to create accounts on a million separate places.
  2. The links on the navbar don’t connect to the sections on the page, so when you click on them, nothing happens. (I have double checked my code, but might have missed something).
  3. I want to try and create my own video to put on there, which means its going to take awhile. Also, I’m having trouble figuring out how to find and upload the embed code when I do make it. (I have Blender Video Editing and that’s about it).

Here is my code:

That is it so far, I’m trying to work first on mechanics, then move on to aesthetic and visual. (I have incorporated some visual CSS already, but not as much as I want as the end result). Any help would be great.

regarding the nav bar links, you need to have the target they are aiming for, actually linked to a section, via an id. it looks like thats missing on all of them

  1. You should be able to put what ever image in there you want. If you want a free program you can use to create your own image, you can use this

  2. Sounds like this has been addressed in another comment.

  3. Well firstly, you are going to have to upload the video to a server somewhere. As far as I know, codepen will not host the videos for you. That could be YouTube, or your own media server somewhere. Once you do that, you can reference this project for how to actually get it to display in the page.