Product landing page - Leaf Envy

Hello :wave:

I haven’t shared a project in a little while, but I’ve just finished my product landing page.

Here’s the link:

Grateful for any feedback!



Hi @scottdoakley !

Your page looks great.
You have a small error in your css.
Run your code through the css codepen analyzer.

Also, you don’t need the html tags for codepen.

Keep up the good work.

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Thanks @jwilkins.oboe!

I didn’t realise Codepen had a CSS analyser - that’s good to know. I’ve fixed that error now.

I added the html tag to create an anchor link that takes users back to the top of the webpage, if they select the ‘Home’ link on the navigation menu. Is there a better way I could’ve done that?

I appreciate your feedback!

Your page looks awesome. Grid and color combination is upto the mark.

Keep it up.

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