Product landing page: Liverpool Runs

Hi everyone. Thanks again to everyone who fed back on my tribute page and survey.

I now ask for feedback on my landing page. Any pointers will be much appreciated.


Great job! Much of the below is just my personal opinion (and i’m not the best with visual design :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so i could be way wrong)

First thing i notice on PC:

  1. The upper corner radius for the banner. They leave a little white space.
  2. Links in the banner are underlined, Maybe off-color and add a hover-over?
  3. The Upcoming races header seems extreme (width-wise) and lots of empty space, maybe 50% width?
  4. Similar to #2 with the links underlined. Maybe a button for each with Hover-over?
  5. Other tiny thing, you have too little to nick-pick so I had to suggest a 5th, The stop watches are all the same, maybe a different color/image for 2k/5k/10k races? (i know with stock images this it’s hard/impossible, but i had to find a 5th)

Overall the PC site looks great! I had to search for visual things (that i’m not great with)

The mobile/responsive version does struggle in my opinion. I few notes:

  1. Header: becomes pretty large and the icon shrinks instead of the text
  2. Video breaks the website width (adds a side scroll)
  3. About Us & Why should stack. They become very tall paragraphs in mobile
  4. Same with Upcoming Races. And they also break the view width. Maybe a flexbox 2/1 stack or stack all 3 vertically?

Here is what i see in the Chrome mobile inspector:

Overall great job!!! And congratulations on a building a great project!


Huge thanks for your feedback. You’re absolutely right about the responsiveness, particularly with the upcoming races section which I need to fix. I’m going to read up on stacking with flexbox and I’ll probably need to add a media query to the text in those elements too.

I need to make a habit of using the Chrome developer tools to test responsiveness!

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