Product Landing Page lukas - Feedback

Hello, would aprieciate any feedback.

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Looks good in my opinion. I really like how responsive it feels, and the design is nice too. :+1:

Nice project @LukasKnd

I will like to know, why you are not using the full screen? You can utilize the both empty sidebar for any purpose. Or you can rearrange the things so that it will utilize all screen.

As a user when I see to your site, I can see very limited area and it looks a little vintage.

One more thing, I do not think there is any need of ‘FOOTER’ in the navbar.

Though, these are my personal opinion about the project.

The example I just googled for restaurant website is Rossopomodoro.

Best luck :+1:

Great scheme, looks excellent!

I guess I didn’t utilize full width, because it looked better to me when the website is not as wide, but I guess that is not the case for most people. I should probably design a website based on how the majority find it attractive and not just me :smile:. Thanks for your feedback.

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:smile: :smile:
If you like this then it is perfectly ok. Since these are personal projects, try to show what you feel. Be you! :+1: