Product landing page - Mexican Restaurant

For my third project in the Responsive Web Design Certification, my product landing page is a menu for a vegetarian Mexican restaurant.
I don’t know if I went too far off the theme, but it does fulfill every user story. :sweat_smile:

Product Landing

Thanks in advance!

you have done a great job following the user story and the only thing i can add is you can use simple colors like white for background and black for font to make it look more attractive or read about ( color theory ) in general it well help you create a nice visual website with these basic knowledge ( only about 10 min reading to understand it ) , i wish you best of luck in your journey.

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Your page looks good @hlcostard. Nice job.
Not right now, but later after you learn more you may want to revisit this.
Currently when a user clicks on a navbar link the top of the section is hidden by the navbar.

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This page does look pretty nice. In a later state, I recommend looking to the navbar. It is a bit hidden. But as a beginner, the placing is very good.

If you will work like this in the future with more coding experience it is going to be great!

Have a nice day.

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Thanks, everyone for the feedback!

Do you have any resources you can share where I can start reading about color theory?

I did notice the navbar covering the sections when you click, I did research and try to fix it using only plain CSS, but could not find a solution that would fit with what I had already written. But I gonna try to fix that sometime in the future!

Yeah definitely going to that a look back at this project later, after I learn some more stuff and try to fix those details.

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That is really nice to hear. Good luck with learning it is going to be great.

Have a nice day!

Hey! Your page looks preety good so far! You left a single “s” at the very top of your page that you should remove + your form at the bottom is hard to read/fill out on bigger screens.

Sorry for taking to long i wasn’t not on freecodecamp for the past weeks
here you find a tutorial you can start from there