Product Landing Page-Passing Tests 5 and 6

I am nearly done with this project but am having difficulty understanding why my code isn’t passing tests # 5 & 6.
#5- each nav-link element should have an href attribute.
They do.

#6-I can watch an embedded product video with id=video.
I have this in there as well but again, my code won’t pass this test.

I’ve been going over my code, reading, and trouble shooting but still can’t find the issues.

I have one other issue with all my text being hyperlinked but I’ll figure that out after my code passes tests.

My code
Please assist!

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Great work so far.

No, they do not.


<li class="nav-link"><a class="nav-link" href="#about">About</li>

<li class="nav-link"> is also a nav-link element. It doesn’t have an href.

Yes, you have at least one id of video. But not every of your video ids does have an directly embedded video.

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Nice to meet you as well!
Your explanation made sense and I was able to fix my code and pass the tests! I really appreciate your answer as well. As soon as I read it I understood where I was going wrong. Now to clean it up and submit it.

After fixing my code and passing all tests I tried to fix the issue of most text being underlined blue and acting as a link. I’ve searched both the HTML and CSS code and couldn’t find the error causing the issue. Any hints as to why this is happening would be appreciated.

You haven’t closed any of the three anchor tags in your navbar

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I went back and saw exactly what you said was missing. I can’t believe I didn’t catch that.

Thank you so much!

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