Product Landing Page - Please Critique!

ok so i finished the product landing page and it passes all the tests, but does it LOOK okay? is the code legible? any feedback or constructive crit would be great!

Straight away… this is AWESOME! :grin:
The design is simple, and clever with tons of small details. Great Work! :wink:

Anyways, about your code, I don’t see anything wrong with it! Perfect use of CSS variables, flexbox, and media queries to enhance the webpage.

Since it seems you are advanced, here are some suggestions to begin expanding upon your front-end skills. Firstly, it is likely useful to learn SASS which is an extension of CSS which allows you to define variables, nest, define for loops and functions.

Next, I would recommend learning some essential web design elements. You’ll learn about typography and color theory to help you deliver a visually appealing and elegant webpage. In fact, one of our campers is creating a web design “blog” on FCC! Here is a link to it.

Lastly, try reading up on different CSS methodologies. If you aren’t using a framework like Angular or Material Design, adopting these methodologies can help you organize your code so it is easy to make changes and for others to read! There are several like SMACSS, OOCSS, BEM, Atomic CSS, and more! If you need any help with this, feel free to ask! :grin: (In fact, I just created my own website using all these techniques aforementioned, and if you need, my repository has information on all of this)

Once again, great work, and happy coding! :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for this post! I’ll start reading up on those CSS methodologies, and the web design elements post is JUST what I needed.

No problem! Just let me know if you need any help! :grinning: