Product Landing page (project 3) feedback request

Cheers for any help

Looks very nice to me! If you’re looking to make it even better, I have a few suggestions for improving the mobile version. First, you may consider changing the text color of “Arica - Your Adventure Is Our Business”, because in the mobile layout there’s quite low contrast between the words and the background, and it’s kind of hard to read, especially where the words overlap the surfers. You might consider nudging the email address input down a little bit so it’s not butted right up against your nav. The nav on mobile takes up a pretty large chunk of the screen, so you could look at a drop-down option instead of the fixed option you have now. Last thing, the nav links don’t quite take you to the right place on the page, since the fixed nav bar covers up the start of the section.
Overall, very good work, especially the desktop version!

Thank you! I am not sure how to fix the links overshooting their anchors. The fixed nav bar seems to throw off in page links. Any ideas?

Great work!

Some ideas:

  • Destination: Adventure section: it’s hard to read, because the text is small, the line height is small and there is no padding to the images.
  • General: the spacing is not consistent, e.g. Destination: Adventure! is vertically centered, We Are Pet, Family, Team, Church, and Solo Friendly! is not. Both sections have different margins to the next parts of text.

I had the same problem with my nav bar on this project.