Product Landing page project. Ecomat yoga mats. Need feedback

Hello there!

I was grinding this project for a lot longer than I expected and, finally, I implemented all the features that I thought of, except one - I can’t properly create a :target pseudo-element for my .nav-link's to get them scrolling to a place that is “header-height” above the corresponding section. Need to take a break and will try to figure it out a bit later.

Will appreciate any feedback. Thanks

Hi @spline the pictures on your website do not load correctly.

Could you please give me more data? I can’t see any issue but I guess it’s the problem with dropbox. Will try another one.

None of your images appear. I tested in Safari and Chrome. The issue I guess is that the link of the images directing us to images found in your personal Dropbox account. This will help you:

however if I click “share” on each image or svg it creates a link to dropbox that doesn’t apper the image on website… if I right click it and copy image link then it appears only on my computer. Don’t know the way around yet… maybe need to use another hosting

will post this link for now until I’ll find the way to host files

In Dropbox > Select image > Click “Share” > Click “Create link
Does this work?

No, it doesn’t
It creates a link like this
that when I put it into my href doesn’t show the img

Finally found the solution how to use images and svgs from dropbox (comment section) solution

It looks like you may just need to create a share link first…

  • find the image in your Dropbox online, and click on it
  • at the top right, click on Share…
  • …create link
  • …copy link
  • pasting this link into your browser will open the image in a Dropbox preview
  • then just modify the dl=0 to raw=1