Product landing page project feedback

Please provide feedback for Product landing page.

I think It’ll be nice if it has a full nav bar.

What do you mean by full nav bar?

Like this project.When scrolling you can see the difference between the two.

I am not understanding the difference. I have used z-index for nav bar and the below contents, and also the nav bar has fixed position. Then what else should I change?

Sorry, but I am not able to see that. Which is the device from which you are viewing this? I am using desktop.

Hey look yournav bar is not shown correctly please scroll down you will get the exact fault in your project

I changed the background-color just to identify the issue and I am able to see the full nav bar, can you please tell what exactly is the issue and how to solve it?

I’m using the laptop with 1366x768 resolution. If you’re using Firefox press ctrl + shift + m and see the difference in responsive mode.

I think your changing on local Computer Not on .:wink:

Sorry my system resolution was 1024X768 and I was using ‘em’ for setting width, so that was setting according to my display size. Now I have changed it to 100%, please check now. Thanks

It is good now. Try to use the responsive mode of your browser to check responsiveness on different resolutions :grinning:

Thank you very much. That was a very good learning for me, I will keept that in mind.