Product landing page project -Feedback

Hey everyone!

I recently finished this html project and would love to get some feedback on what I did ok and where I can have improvements as well!

Thank you!

Here’s the link to my code:

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Hi @rynell-lee !

I think your page looks good.

I would keep working on responsiveness because you have a horizontal scrollbar.
Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 11.53.08 AM

I think it would be nice if the submit button had the cursor pointer.

Hope that helps!

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I really like it! Way to go!

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Making sure your things resize well for smaller/bigger screens would be good. You could do something like this:

    max-width: 80%;
    width: 500px;

By giving it a max-width, if the screen size is too small to fit the h1 element at a width of 500px then it will adjust to 80% of the screen size. Try something like that to see if it helps!

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Thank you for your suggestions, will take note!

Thank you for your suggestion, much appreciated!!

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