Product Landing Page Project - LessMess Honey feedback

Hi guys,
I have finally finished building my Product Landing Page Project and I would like to ask for some feedback.

My goals were to keep the design simple and responsive while using only HTML and CSS. I have added short javascript eventually to achieve a dropdown responsive menu.

It was interesting project for me as I had some troubles with responsive menu and responsive youtube iframe.
CSS is probably a bit chaotic as I have changed my design choices in the middle of the project :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback in advance.

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Hi @karlji!
Congratulations for completing your project.:clap::clap:
I liked it a lot, both at the design level and the way you organize and write the code.:+1:

My proposals to further improve your project are 2 small details:
1- Since you know how to use JS, you could make the menu close automatically when you click on one of its links.
2- In the contact form, I think that the “Email” and “Your message” labels would be better aligned to the left (like the placeholder of the email field). Although this is a personal preference. :woman_shrugging:

Cheers and happy coding!:wink:

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Hi @MartaFagundez,
thank you for you feedback. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

  1. In fact, I don’t know anything about JS :smiley: I just happen to know some programming basics from VBA and I can Google. It is a good point to close the menu when the user clicks on a link. I have implemented it somehow, but I am not sure if it is the smartest solution. It seems to work as I intended at least.
  2. I found both of your proposals helpful. I have aligned the form labels to the left and it seems nicer.

Happy coding to you too! :wink:

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Hey there,

great work!

Some ideas:

  • Spacing is extremely important. Padding and margin around content should give the user information how to use your site and what’s more or less important.
  • Example: increased padding around the buy button
  • Example: increased line-height in the “About LessMess Honey” section
  • Example: increased line-height in the “Pricing” boxes

A great example for spacing is the Spotify homepage:
It’s very to digest the content of the site.

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