Product Landing Page Project : Linking email + submit + form action problems

Hi Guys n Gals, has anyone out there already done the 3rd “Product Landing Page” web design project ?

I’m having trouble getting the submit button to send the user’s entered email address back to the server with the given fake url “” ?!

The blurb says : "When I click the #submit element, the email is submitted to a static page (use this mock URL:")

Now, I know that all data within a ‘form’ element is sent back to a server via the form’s action attribute (thus) :

(etc) ...

But, it’s still not working, and I’ve tried all combinations, amendments I can think of, as well as using google searches about it, etc … but it won’t say “passed that specific test” no matter what I do …

Can anyone tell me where I’m being dumb please ?! … I think it may have something to do with linking the email field with the submit field (and possibly the form action attribute) … but I am not sure at all how you’d go about doing that.

Please help if you can, and thanks in advance :wink:

Do you have a link to your project we can look at?

Hi Naomi, “Ever mind the Rule of Three - Three times thine acts return to thee” what’s that all about, you into Wiccan are you ?

Don’t worry, I’ve found the bit of code that was missing :

<input type=“email” id=“email” value=“email” placeholder=“enter your email address” name=“email” required>

If you don’t include the name=“email” attribute on an ‘input’ : then that item won’t send any data back to the server at all when you click the submit button !!!

All sorted :blush:

So Mote It Be …
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Actually, I myself amend that last one to include : “so long as it harms no one, including yourself” :blush:

Njoy ur day

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