Product Landing Page Project Mie Sedaap

Have a look at my product landing page project!

Feel free to leave a feedback!


@adiglase Very nice page.

  • How about centering the showcase-img picture? It stays to the left on large screens.
  • You can add scroll-behavior: smooth to your project to make it scroll smoothly.

thank you for your feedback

  • i’ve added margin auto to showcase-img, is it fixed? if don’t, can you send me the screenshoot?
  • i’ve added scroll-behavior

I really like the design.
Good job!

The video at the bottom is just a bit too wide when viewed on a small screen.

Other than that the page looks great.

I like it a lot, it seems like it could be an actual product landing page. How did you make the parallax happen only on the bottom of the page?

i’ve updated it, is it good?

i don’t understand what parallax do you mean. but if you want to see the code, it’s in this github

NVM I figured it out, but parallax means the background does not scroll but the foreground does.