Product Landing Page project- need help

Hi there, I’ve just recently completed the product landing page project, which took me quite a while. Anyway, the problem is when I posted the whole HTML and CSS onto Codepen, the project passed all 16/16 user story tests. But when I opened it offline in a browser (wrote the code in VS Code), it only passed 14/16.

This really ticks me off, is there anything wrong with the JS user story tests? And is there any way to know which of the user story that one has completed and which ones haven’t?

Below is the link to my Codepen:

It would also be very helpful if you can give feedback about the UX/UI, while you’re at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance!

Hi @twistedjargon ,

That’s strange about the tests. I don’t know how the tests are written, so I can’t help you with that.

I love the design! Here are my recommendations on things that could make your design even better:

  • the input field is smaller than the button in height. To me, that makes it look a bit too
  • the paragraphs inside the ‘#features .desc’ section look a little bit smooshed together for such an otherwise open website (with whitespace). If you add a little line-height to those, it will look a lot better!

Have a good one!

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Hi @johnsciutto,

Thanks for the feedback, truly needed it! Will implement the changes later on.

Yeah, the tests are really bothering me. Hopefully someone else would be able to rectify the problems.

If i were you i wouldn’t bother about the tests not passing outside of codepen. If it fulfills all the user stories on codepen, just move on to other projects. As you move towards the last certification projects, it will not be uncommon to come across tests which are not passing (or passing) erroneously. I have come across a project where the example project given in the assignment doesn’t pass all the tests.

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Yeap, started thinking about moving on too. Rather than getting fixated and wasting my time that could be spent productively elsewhere.

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