Product Landing Page Project not Passing Test Suite


I am having some trouble with my product landing page not passing the Test Suite for the “submit” id and the “video” id. I can’t currently see why it is not passing. I am hoping someone can help me out as to what I need to do differently to meet the criteria of the test. Here is the project. Both id are noted at the bottom of the html.

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I am not sure about your video id but action attribute does not go into your input element. It goes insde the opening tag of your form element. You should google how action attribute works but here is a useful link.

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The tests are looking for a video element and not an iframe element.

For the other issue, it is important to know that input elements do not have action attributes. Form elements do have action attributes.

Once you fix the above, you will get another error because you are missing the correct name attribute on the email input element.

FYI - input elements do not have closing tags like </input>. They are self-closing and have a / at the end before the >.

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Thank you for the help. That fixed the issue with the “submit” id. Good things to know to help me out in the future also.

I have looked at some other examples of this project, and most of them are using an iframe element for the video and still passing.

The FCC bundle JS is very syntax driven try removing the space between

<iframe id="video" height="250px" width="333px" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

That’s what I did to get mine to pass:

<iframe id="video" width="454" height="280" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

quirky what a return with space can do. Hope this helps?


Removing the spaces before the close fixed the issue! Thank you for the help.


I struggled with that quite a few hours. I knew the video was there and worked, it was only through looking at examples that passed I got the idea to try removing the line break. So I’m glad it helped.

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