Product Landing page project Responsive Help!

Hi all,

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the responsiveness of the site because the image sizes blow up whenever I
change view ports . On top of that, I was trying out this “reuse css classes” theory which backfired and made my code very messy. So I would love some suggestions on what to do.

EDIT: woops, here’s the link:

Please do not change the topic category. I made in HTML/CSS, because you are asking for help that will involve HTML/CSS.

Oops! Sorry about that, thought the feedback page was the only category for projects.

It is for projects where you don’t think you need help, but are seeking feedback. When you have a specific question about a problem you are having in a challenge or a project, we prefer you to pick the type of problem you are having. If it does not fit in HTML/CSS or JavaScript, then the basic Help category would apply.

So this actually looks pretty good.

You need to set a min-width media query and define what you want to happen to your image size. use the same classes that are already on your images and redefine them under the media query.

Ok! That clears things up nicely.

You’re right and I don’t know why but I think I was trying to find some other way with flexbox to make everything do it for me but that’s not right at all. I guess I got lazy and wanted a one off solution :expressionless:

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction!