Product Landing Page Project Review

Hey guys, just completed the product landing page project, As this is only my third project on FCC, I’d really love it if I could get some feedback from the community on things I’ve done right and ways I can improve. Here’s the link:

really good effort with this responsive page (even looks nice on mobile, but you may want to hide the menu in that case since the links don’t work).

One thing to change is to add “Home” to the menu because none of the links return us all the way back to the top after we scroll down. Also think about making the “Packages” boxes responsive to hover.

Pretty great effort!

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Overall this looks and works pretty well. Some feedback:

Things done right

  • The look/feel is nice overall. Spacing is good, content is clear and easy to digest, and the colors/fonts/etc are kept to a minimum and all work.

  • Navigation sticks correctly w/o any wonkiness.

  • Good use of icons (not sure on the “Ease of Setup” icon though).

Suggested improvements

  • Buttons - They look nice, but I would go with something simpler and easier to read. Here’s a nice Codepen collection for inspiration:

  • Join the winning team section - I would make this a 4 column layout rather than stacking each “section”. This would decrease the length of the page, and group those sections more effectively.

  • Form - Maybe play around with some styles for the input box, it seems fairly wide for such a small font. Maybe higher font-size and padding? More inspo:

Those are just some quick thoughts. I think its good as-is, but its always a good idea to think about what could be done better or differently even if you don’t implement those things until your next project.

Hopefully this helps and keep up the good work here! :pineapple:

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Arigato… I appreciate the your comment, will try to work on it